Modern Day Paladin

pal·a·din - ˈpalədn/

  • a knight renowned for heroism and chivalry.

  • a leading champion of a cause

  • a trusted military leader


Seiyo No Shorin Ryu

I am a practicitoner of a style of Shorin Ryu karate, developed and taught by 12th Dan Soke Shodai Dan Hausel. The decision to begin practicing karate was very sudden, it was made as I entered my 30s, but was one of the best decisions I have made. In doing so, I’ve gained not only a skillset, but an extended family. My dojo family helps to keep me motivated and to develop the art.

By studying not only the martial aspects, but it’s origins and concepts behind the art I’ve expanded my cultural horizons and have influenced my life in way I don’t know that would have been possible without karate. I hope to some day earn the ability to teach this art and continue the proud lineage our association carries. 

I hope to write more about my experiences and my walk on this path in the future. Please check our dojo page out here.