Modern Day Paladin

pal·a·din - ˈpalədn/

  • a knight renowned for heroism and chivalry.

  • a leading champion of a cause

  • a trusted military leader


Follower of Christ

Probably the biggest misconception that people can have is that Christians are religious. I would say I’m not religious. My focus is on that of a relation with Christ and other people. I’m tasked with pursueing a life similar to that of Christ. However, we are all imperfect people, living in an imperfect world. I am absolutely a hypocrite, not by choice, but by my human nature. As Paul said, paraphrasing here, I do the things I hate and I hate the things I do. There is a constant spiritual battle that plays out day in and day out, But the war was won by Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, followed by his raising from the grave.

I will address the issues of my faith, the ephiphanies and the insights that I have here.