Modern Day Paladin

pal·a·din - ˈpalədn/

  • a knight renowned for heroism and chivalry.

  • a leading champion of a cause

  • a trusted military leader


Chivlary isn’t dead

Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Stephen and my purpose for launching this site, is to chronicle my life for those that are interested. I have multiple mediums in which I do so, but a website provided some flexibility for myself and to help others. 

The main things you’ll likely to see me cover here are my interests and the things that drive me. My faith, family, my hobbies and my work. I am a practicing non-denominational Christian. I practice a form of Shorin Ryu karate, I’m an engineer, a soldier and a gamer. 

One of the big passions I have in my life, is helping myself and other men achieve an authentic manhood. This is to model a life after that which Christ lived during his 33 years on Earth. I’m a big proponent of the “33 The Series” content by Men’s Fraternity. I believe the more men we can get to actively pursue authentic manhood, the more of our cultural and societal issues will be self resolved.  Please view my other pages for specifics on the various interests I have.

My intent to to use this page to not only convey my experiences but to also offer insight, suggestions and review of the products and experiences I have that I feel improve my journey in manhood. Please check out my blog for the lastest posts at the link above.